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  • IC7100 and remoterig: 2019 updated Configuration

    How I improved my IC7100 remoterig configuration After the summer I had a major failure in my IC7100 remoterig station. The remoterig control at the radio side broken (probably due to the frquent thunderstorm we had in Italy in that period). I have to thank the remoterig team for reparing it really quickly. I use […]

  • MicroPython e Wemos D1 mini (esp8266)

    Come caricare micropython su Wemos D1 mini

  • Add a CNAME record and making your life simpler

    why? I’m writing this notes for whom would like to setup a dx cluster and he owns a not much stable ddns. As you should know, if you setup you server for hosting a dxcluster you also need to share with the other cluster the address of your server and the service port. Usually it […]

  • IC7100 CAT connection for remoterig

    If you want to operate remotely with your PC connected to the RRC control side (RRC-CP for the rest of article), you need to add a CAT interface throught the RRC radio (RRC-R for the rest of article) and the IC7100 radio. The most simple way, but also the most expansive $$$ one, is to […]

  • Digital Mode for IC7100 and remoterig

    If you need to easily connect the PC to the remoterig and IC7100 follow the instructions below. INSTRUCTIONS I spent a lot of times looking for a cheap solution for connecting the frontal part of the ic7100 + remoterig to the pc in order to work with the digital mode. My tested solution consists in […]


    The remoterig configuration CONTROL SIDE Radio settings Program mode 2 – IC-7100, IC-706, IC-703 Sip password  xxyyyzzz Sip contact(Radio RRC IP/hostname) Auto connect NO Audio quality 2 – Linear 16 bits 8 kHz Audio left/right ch swap NO Codec out gain 255 Codec inp gain 60 Codec inp HPF Hz 163 Codec inp preamp […]

  • My actual setup IC7100 + Remoterig – Part I

    My actual setup is based on a Icom IC7100. It is great radio in my opinion also if you use in a remote configuration like me. My antenna, actually a Titan DX, is placed in my parents house for several reasons. The most important one is that is at about 900 mt a.s.l. and as […]