IC7100 and remoterig: 2019 updated Configuration

How I improved my IC7100 remoterig configuration

After the summer I had a major failure in my IC7100 remoterig station. The remoterig control at the radio side broken (probably due to the frquent thunderstorm we had in Italy in that period). I have to thank the remoterig team for reparing it really quickly. I use the offline time to reorganize the station with some improvement.

The biggest improvment I want to share is that I stop using the USB plug on the control remoterig.

I have to say that the remoterig has a USB adapter that can substitute the serial port of the device, but I had really a lot of problem along the past experience mostly for compatibilty with the cat software control. After I start using the serial port for sending cat stream to the control, evrything started working like a charm. So the first suggestion is: use a usb to serial adapter and avoid the usb input in the remoterig control.

The second improvment consisted in using the
RS-BA1 remote connection utility in order to remotize the audio IN/OUT flux using the USB cable connected between the remote PC and the radio. The alternative to this is following the indication I already wrote in a previous article . Using the native virtual sound allow the contemporary use of microphone and the digital mode. The only thing to take care is properly configure the radio and the DATA mode. I’ll give you the details in a future article after the refine of the actual settings.

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