My actual setup IC7100 + Remoterig – Part I

My actual setup is based on a Icom IC7100. It is great radio in my opinion also if you use in a remote configuration like me.
My antenna, actually a Titan DX, is placed in my parents house for several reasons. The most important one is that is at about 900 mt a.s.l. and as no obstacle towards see coast.
The cons of my parents house is that the actual adsl connection is really poor and achieves speed around 400-500 Kb/s.
For this reason I tried in the past years several combination, mostly using a remote pc for cat connection and voice transmission (skype, mumble, teamviewer, vnc and so on).
I also tried a combo with raspberry and some audio card, but everything was really unstable, mostly because the low speed of internet connection.
When I bought the IC7100 I decided to invest some more money in something more stable and after some research I selected the remoterig device.

This solution for the IC7100 is perfect because you can bring the front part at your remote location and attach directly to the remoterig control and there is no difference from connecting directly to the rig.

This is a perfect solution if you want to use the voice.

For the CAT connection is a little more complex and I have to say that from the forum of the remoterig seller you receive few information but being patience it is possible to solve  the puzzle and after everything became clear.

So for you that are looking for a complete solution I can suggest to proceed in the following way taking really care of particulars, of course I will consider that you are able to setup the remote connection properly and you know where are you putting your hands.


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